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Attention: Fans de Duras !

La Voleuse, le film sur lequel je viens d’écrire va être retransmis une 4e fois en 2 mois ce vendredi, 18/7, à 3h30 du matin (c.à.d, jeudi après minuit). Une occasion de voir un film de Duras pas connu par … Continue reading

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Perils of Mixing up “Tu” with “Vous”

Carolyn V. sent the following wink at the perils of confusing Tu and Vous: The dangers are serious! Already at 21, I made a peer feel that I was presumptuous when I said “tu” to a good friend of … Continue reading

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Duras’s ‘stolen’ movie

Why did Marguerite Duras not get more credit for having written La Voleuse? TV5 Monde has broadcast the otherwise ordinary-looking 1966 black and white film 3 times recently without advertising or mentioning ahead that it’s a film by Duras. I … Continue reading

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Words of the month, July 3

I love French verbs that have no direct English translations. We can tell what they mean, but they are so concise, we have no one-word equivalents: fragiliser, relativiser, positiver, responsabiliser. A weird one that’s not even in the dictionary: dérembourser! … Continue reading

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