FrenTeaching pix for website for Marian L 005ch classes are offered on every level and in individual or group classes. Whether you have never studied a language before, are having trouble in class now, studied in school many years ago, or are advanced speakers, we can custom-design a class for you. You can study conversation, grammar, tourism, culture, translation, or pronunciation, your needs will be met in this Back Bay living room.

A Harvard PhD, Dr. Husserl-Kapit has taught over 25 years – on both the university and high school level. Our classes can be long or short as you need – from one hour a week to several hours a day.

Our specialty – and the most fun anyone can have conquering a language – is our Total Immersion Class, either 5 or 7 hours with lunch in a specially organized French restaurant.

We also provide:

  • appropriate grammar books
  • readers
  • song words to learn through singing
  • Skype lessons