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Paris Bikes’ Down Side

The French bike rental system discussed here over a year ago is still an overall success but has caused some deaths. At the beginning, my friend, Michèle, found the program ecological, economical, healthy, and well organized. A few months later, … Continue reading

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L’Anglais est atomique – le Français est moléculaire

My French friend, Eric, sent me a passionately irritated message about the evolution of the French language. He’s particularly upset by the young immigrants who don’t use the French we have all learned and who make up their own words. … Continue reading

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French on American Prime Time TV!

There were two beautiful comments in authentic French in the growing romance on Hawthorne. The handsome doctor is actually played by big French box-office actor, Michael Vartan. When he surprised Christina, played by Jada Pinkett Smith, with his French inner … Continue reading

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What Will the French Think of Us Now ?

The French think Americans are naive prudes because we disapprove of philandering politicians like Senator Hart (remember?) and ex-President Clinton. What must they think of us now?!

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A Good Film at the MFA French Film Festival

LA BELLE PERSONNE (THE BEAUTIFUL PERSON) Eight of us watched The Beautiful Person (La belle personne) tonight at the Museum of Fine Arts French Film Festival. After the end of the film, we had to be shooed out of the … Continue reading

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