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Synonyms for basics and for sex terms

That would be a good study: comparing the number of synonyms in various languages. Which synonyms were you thinking of? I would imagine that most synonyms would be express basic phenomena like “I’m hungry,” “I want…,” “I need,” and “I … Continue reading

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New French Words Reflect Society Influences

French words now reflect changes in its society. When I started spending time there, rules were strict. Words used were those found in dictionaries. As time went on, usage seemed to relax. I don’t even know when it happened. Before … Continue reading

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Weirdest Part of Hollande’s Sex Scandal

The weirdest element of the Hollande scandal was finally pointed to by Anne Roumanoff, a French humorist and political satirist: the clash between the French President’s nerdy look and his rakish extra-curricular activities. Draping the French socio-political scene in a … Continue reading

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Paris – still the city of love

New Parisian Phenomonon covered on two sites: et Incroyable !  Je suis d’accord avec ce commentaire-ci: Un amour trop grand est lourd à porter ! You wonder how many of these oaths to eternal love are already history. … Continue reading

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N’est-ce pas Hollande – pas Marceau – qui est grossier ?

Marilyn M. nous envoie cette nouvelle polémque sur la conduite privée du Président. Mais n’est-ce pas Hollande qui est vulgaire, pas Marceau? Maybe one could have criticized him more subtly by saying: “His private behavior does not show the integrity … Continue reading

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The French of Henri, the Existential Cat

Friends keep sending Henri to me, thinking he’ll make this cat-loving French teacher happy.  But he drives me nuts.  Why doesn’t he explain why his French is so lousy and his pronunciation worse? Is he ashamed that he only moved … Continue reading

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