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soirée > “surprise party”(surpreeze parti) > fête > boum > teuf

Chaque génération a sa façon de s’amuser ou, comme on dit maintenant, de délirer. Aux années 60, à l’époque où je commençais à passer autant de temps possible à Paris, les jeunes Français s’amusaient à des ‘surprise parties.’ Imaginez mon … Continue reading

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Recommended French for recent English words

New English words like ‘to podcast’ and ‘gender studies’ are causing problems in French. They were coined in English to correspond to American trends that took off around the world. If you led a country and your citizens used those … Continue reading

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An American studying in Paris, at Sciences Po

Matt KK writes from Paris: Paris is wonderful albeit cold, rainy, and very very windy. My apartment is very large by European standards and I am directly across the street from the Val de Grâce church, which is exceptionally beautiful. … Continue reading

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Les Français aiment Shakespeare et …la guerre de Troie

A friend from Reims sends this report: Beaucoup de jeunes, lycéens et étudiants, sont venus applaudir à la Comédie de Reims une pièce très peu jouée du grand William Shakespeare « Troïlus et Cressida ».Elle date de 1660-1602 comme « … Continue reading

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Bernard Bichakjian writes: In a world of infelicitous events and disingenuous newsmakers, it is soothing for the soul and stimulating for the mind to click on the New York Times Op-Ed tab and thence, on Wednesdays and Sundays, on Maureen … Continue reading

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Un forum pour la traduction

Pour les questions concernant la traduction, regardez ce forum.

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