reducedIn France, it used to be that waiters and hotel staff responded in English when I spoke in French. On my last trip, no one did that!
– Lisey Good, Interior decorator,Good Chi Interiors

camilla1Susan Husserl-Kapit is by far one of the finest teachers I have ever met and that includes my teachers in Paris.
Camilla Carr,TV Journalist


kgaislerSusan Husserl-Kapit was the perfect solution—she knows French absolutely fluently, and she knows how to teach French.
Kathleen Gaisler, biochemist

GrenierSusan’s classes were always fun and interesting because she cares for her students. She is a natural linguist and fully comprehends everything from syntax to nuances of the French language. Susan works with each student to develop a set of techniques and assignments to meet those individual goals. Her patience makes it comfortable for learners of all levels to become fluent. I always found her classes to be enjoyable and productive.
Michael Grenier, Realtor

todd_ostrowI strongly encourage anybody who is finding this language to be more difficult or less interesting than it should be to spend some time with Susan and discover a much more effective and stimulating alternative to learning French.
Todd Ostrow, Harvard College sophomore

ShanLiuSusan taught me enough in one year to prepare me to work in a hospital in West Africa! When I asked Susan if she could teach me enough in one year, she rose to the occasion without hesitation!
Shan Liu, MD

ann_o.jpg.w180h193It doesn’t hurt, of course, that she’s charming and that the classes are so much fun!
Ann M. O’Brien, retired

sabinaFrench was something I always wanted to know, but never wanted to learn. It was daunting to attempt a language that didn’t even pronounce half the word. But I was determined and found Susan. It really helps that Susan has a very happy and personable demeanor and you can feel that she really enjoys what she is doing. This put me at ease and I started to enjoy it as well. What I also liked, is how she broke down the lessons well, so you worked at an efficient pace without getting overwhelmed. I look forward to more. Merci, Susan!
Sabina, Artist

brigid_france_group2After studying with Susan Husserl-Kapit for a year, I traveled to France, where I needed to communicate sentiments not usually required of a tourist. My French before meeting Susan was bad. She is easy-going, talented, and customizes her classes to the needs of her students. She became as passionate as I about my goals, and celebrated my trip’s success as much as I did! I stayed in the countryside where minimal English is spoken but, with Susan’s help, could speak with people who knew no English whatsoever and who, in separate instances, complimented my ability to be understood. This is a teacher willing to partner with her students rather than preach at them. It works!
Brigid O’Donnell, nurse (with husband and member of family that retrieved pieces of Brigid’s father’s downed WWII plane)