What We Learn

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French grammar, conversation, literature, and culture. Private or group classes on all levels. Private classes on all levels meet from 9AM through 8PM. Group classes are formed when two or more students want one and there are enough students on a similar level to meet together.

Class events include Wine Tastings, Lunch at French restaurants, Total Immersion Classes, and a sparkling Christmas Party. At the latter, students sing spirited French Christmas carols they have learned to a live piano accompaniment.

Advanced Classes
We meet once a week for stimulating conversation that, if you’re lucky, you would have with your friends. Depending on students’ wishes, we have conversation, grammar, and/or literature. At the end of the classes, I review the vocabulary or grammar points students may have stumbled on during the class. Below, three of the Tuesday Advanced Class students pose for a photo with the teacher (second from left).

Intermediate Classes
Most classes take place in the teacher’s home. One regular lunch class takes place at a delicious neighborhood restaurant. The Total Immersion Class starts at the teacher’s home and continues during our walk to a nearby French restaurant, at the restaurant and then at several Back Bay stores where we continue with real-life French activities.

Beginning Classes
Beginners have varying reasons for choosing to study French and different aptitudes as they go about it. Many of them therefore prefer private classes. When they find someone on a similar level, however, they sometimes choose to study together. There are pros and cons for both approaches so it depends on them.

We use whatever textbook fits and complement it with pronunciation lessons and, when desired, readers.