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New French Words Bring French Alive

La Semaine de la langue française et de la francophonie s’est passé en mars mais son action continue jusqu’en juin. So you can still check out the new vocabulary, play with the words, and add them to your own conversation. … Continue reading

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The importance of the humble baguette – Part 3

Stephanie writes: So attached are the Parisians to their beloved baguettes, that I have even been in quite a few Chinese or Indian restaurants, where there has been a basket of baguettes on the table (just in case?). The French … Continue reading

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The importance of the humble baguette – Part 2

Stephanie continues: When I first moved here, I thought that to buy a baguette, you walked into the boulangerie and simply said “une baguette, s’il vous plait”. Little did know, that 99% of French people SPECIFY “au moins” the “cuisson” … Continue reading

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The importance of the humble baguette – Part 1

Stephanie writes: I never knew, before I came here, how important la Baguette is to the French. For example, my mother-in-law gets panicky if, during dinner, she notices that the bread is disappearing too fast, like say, the kids are … Continue reading

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A New Translation of L’Étranger + A New View of Meursault

Etienne R. just sent us a review by Claire Messud of a new English translation of L’Étranger. It’s big news because, as the reviewer wrote, it’s “One of the most widely read French novels of the twentieth century.” The reviewer … Continue reading

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Part 1 of this series was: Cute stories Part 1 Stephanie writes: It’s fun to think about language, as well!!… Sometimes I don’t know what my son is saying. For example both my kids called “musique” :  zique-mou (not sure … Continue reading

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Cute Stories of an American Mommy Bringing up Two French Kids

Stéphanie C. is writing us again. She now has two French kids, a French husband, and a French job. Fully immersed in Parisian life for several years now, she writes: “It’s fun to think about language!!… Sometimes I don’t know … Continue reading

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Examples of Michèle L’s Sites That are Worth a Visit

So many people asked me for examples of Michèle L.’s sites, that she sent us some URLs. 1 – Voici un site pour le tourisme à Paris, qui donne des indications classiques mais parfois des propositions moins connues : “un … Continue reading

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More New Sites Non-Parisians Don’t See in Paris:

Michèle M. continues to share with us the new developments in Paris that visitors don’t know about. The following two sites are for those who can spend more time there: L’étranger qui séjournerait davantage pourrait apprécier les petites novations locales … Continue reading

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What Non-Parisians Don’t See in Paris

Michèle tells us what we, visitors, don’t see in Paris. She’s giving us an overview here, first, and in the next few days, we’ll get some details. Il y a une grande tendance : le déplacement progressif de la vie … Continue reading

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