Bubbly wines 2

Wines tasted on 2/27/08

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4 Responses to Bubbly wines 2

  1. Susan says:

    1) Michael C.:
    I came to Susan’s Dégustation because I was so impressed with Bertil’s last presentation – incredibly knowledgeable (as one would expect from someone who won 3rd place in the competition for world’s Best Sommelier), gracious, articulate and flexible.I had never been particularly interested in effervescent wines – even Champagne – so I was curious and open.I learned a lot – the four different methods of making effervescent wines, where bubbles come from and why some are bigger than others, what “brut” means (!), and, more importantly how these wines do and don’t pair with certain foods and why. Also why scotch should be considered a “digestif.” I’m more open to trying these wines before and after dinner – or with.


  2. Susan says:

    2) Lisey G.:

    J’ai trouve la dégustation très agréable et je pense que le fait le plus intéressant (ou utile) était l’idée qu’on doit servir le champagne rose comme apéritif avant de servir le vin rouge avec le repas…..et le champagne blanc comme apéritif avant de servir le vin blanc avec le repas.


  3. Susan says:

    3) Bebe N. :

    Although I do enjoy different wines, and think I can taste the difference between mediocre and wonderful wines, I had never given thought or time to making distinctions between different types of wines or techniques of winemaking. That was what I enjoyed and retained most vividly.

    I also enjoyed Bertil’s explanation of the intertwining roles of chemistry, biology, the palate, and the digestive system, and how different alcoholic concoctions (aperitifs, effervescent and still wines, liqueurs, etc.) subtlety enhance the body’s own capacity to savor and enjoy food. At the end of the evening, I had a much deeper respect and grasp of wine’s place at the table.


  4. Susan says:

    4) Lisa F:
    J’ai compris presque toute de la presentation — au moins, 85 %.
    J’ai appris les quatres methodes de produire le vin effervescent — et que la prosecco que j’avais apporté n’etait pas tres cher!!!
    J’ai beaucoup aimé la classe, merci!!!!


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