Paris is speeding past us !

Proof that Paris has changed over the last few years is this new Paris phenomenon, rollerblading across Paris by night with people of all ages, nationalities, and kinds:

If you ever saw a woman wearing running shoes in Paris 20 years ago, you could be sure she wasn’t French. Probably American. French women wore nothing but high heels and elegant outfits. No one would have dreamed, at that time, that Parisians could ever wear “les baskets” or “les tennis.”

Today, we even see Parisians riding bicycles in Paris! In their rush to get athletic and green, they have now even beaten America, by renting public bikes at easy-to-use bike stands spread out over the city.

And for the past 15 years, they’ve usurped us completely by celebrating rollerblading across the city! Every Friday night, they have something Americans can only dream about now. If you’re adventurous and athletic – and in Paris! – you too can participate in it. Check out the website and don’t miss the photos of Paris by night!

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