A Song that really gets it. And gives it.

A song going viral in France captures and throws at us the feelings the murders evoked – anger at the terrorists, stubborn devotion, anyway, to freedom of expression, and Solidarity with the traumatized country. Those feelings are strengthened by its melody, borrowed from a former angry French hit criticizing France the way we criticize something we love. The original song’s title, l’Hexagone (the shape of France and also a synonym the for country’s name), and its association with its singer, the ever-popular Renaud only strengthen that mix of feelings.

JB Bullet directs his words at the terrorists. They are hard-hitting, straight-forward, and written in slam style. A bonus to French students is that they’re close-captioned for those who might not understand otherwise.

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1 Response to A Song that really gets it. And gives it.

  1. jackaro says:

    JB Bullet’s song clearly has depth of feeling and the advantage of being French, but listen to my contribution http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1VXXlxn60t8 which recognises the true nature of and importance of standing against attacks on art and culture, whether by extremist groups and would-be conquerors like the Nazis. The great response in France and world wide accomplished in days, albeit at the cost of lives, what Charlie Hebdo itself could not have done in decades.


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