Bayrou the true loser of the French elections — Pt 2

Continuing from Pt 1 of a guest opinion by Bernard Bichakjian:

Unfortunately, Bayrou, though a mature and ponderate politician, failed to recognize the circumstantial nature of his success. He concluded that his UDF party should no longer remain the predictable junior partner of the conservative party, but should mutate into a new center right party, the MoDem, fully independent and free to negotiate alliances with the conservatives or the socialists.

His painful personal defeat and the demise of his party seem to suggest the exact opposite of what he claimed was coming and what he advocated that was needed. Instead of longing for a strong center-right party capable of preventing the periodic alternation of conservative and socialist extremes, France seems to be moving towards the two-party system. Not only Bayrou’s MoDem, but the Far-Right, Communist, and Trotskyist parties were also steamrollered. Time will tell whether France will make room for a center-right party. Right now, the prospects look dim.

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