Politicians Having Affairs

From Stephanie, an American who moved to France to raise a family with her French husband:

“I have a whole range of emotions too. It just seems a bit fishy to me…It’s driving me nuts because I want to know the truth about what happened. I don’t think DSK is the greatest guy but there is a difference between being a womanizer and committing violent acts. He’s a powerful man – if he wanted sex he could hire a call girl….

My French husband thinks Americans are a bunch of hypocrites with their system
of “justice”. He thinks that. even if you show Americans what is obviously wrong,
they will defend “America” no matter what. Well, that was his experience in the
US. I think both French and American justice systems are flawed.

I do think the French are a bit shocked about all the media and shots of him in handcuffs etc because supposedly here, it is between you and the judge/law, not a million journalists and cameras. The mass coverage kind of brands you as guilty before the trial even begins.

The thing is you can’t know – and of course if he did attack that woman, it’s
horrible. I mean really awful. But definitely politicians having affairs and whatnot doesn’t really phase the French as much as Americans – much more puritan and oh that’s so WRONG and whatnot. Of course it happens all the time. (I did not. Have. Sex. With that
woman! – Clinton)”

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