DSK est fou !

Voici l’opion de Pamela Sacks, a journalist in Worcester, Mass.:

“Dominque Strauss-Kahn est complètement fou! Les Francais aiment les riches et puissants – comme nous. Mais nous cherchons les fautes de ces gens et nous n’avons pas de compassion quand nous les trouvons.
That isn’t to say we should feel sorry for S-K. I feel for the victim. She had no idea who he was and Brafman will do what he can to destroy her.
As to the judicial systems, ours is fairly brutal to someone who is accused but turns out to be innocent. Your life is effectively ruined by the accusation and subsequent publicity.
I read this morning that BHL is up in arms about the filming of Strauss-Kahn and the way he has been treated. The victim – well, we’re not supposed to care about her, I guess.”

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