Which Country Has a Better Justicial System?

The French were outraged by Americans filming Dominique Strauss-Kahn handcuffed during his perp walk, but now we’re outraged because their press did what what we would never do: name and show photos of the victim!

Who’s to say which country has a more democratic justicial system? And who should be judging whom?

Perhaps we could learn from each other!

Look at this article posted from Boston, of all places!


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1 Response to Which Country Has a Better Justicial System?

  1. phildange says:

    I don’t want to speak about press photos or not ( though I have my opinion about it ) but about what is for me the basis of a “class justice” .
    In France, after the war they found that, as legislative and executive powers could deny democracy and freedom, an independent judicial power was needed .. That’s why they created the ” juge d’instruction” . This person leads police enquiries, and looks for every element against and for the defendant .
    He is not concerned by a “win” in court, because he is not the prosecutor , and the police can’t do anything without his agreement .
    This judge is not submitted either to demagogy through elections, nor to political pressures, since he is a civil servant whose job is guaranteed by the constitution .
    ( That’s why the working class prefers independent ” fonctionnaires” sure of their job rather than any private system, in tax collecting, in controls of all sorts about respect of working laws or consumers protection etc…, in teaching, in healthcare, and everything . Those people need to be independent from pressure, from money; ideology, power ) .
    In the USA, the guy who leads the enquiry is the same guy who wants to “win ” a match in court, and who needs to be elected by a crowd who only knows life from medias, which are, either toilet tabloïds or wealth instruments . That means the defendant has to pay a fortune to have private detectives researching proofs for him .
    And this is where American justice is a class justice . Among the millions of prisoners in America, who had the chance of paying millions to defend oneself ?
    I know every legal justice is a source of contempt for different reasons, but this US system is too obviously made for the rich .


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