New French Words Bring French Alive

La Semaine de la langue française et de la francophonie s’est passé en mars mais son action continue jusqu’en juin. So you can still check out the new vocabulary, play with the words, and add them to your own conversation.

Check out the full list and comments by Nabum, a blogger for Mediapart.

We’ve heard some of them before. The one hated most by the commentator Nabum is the one I appreciate the most: ‘enlivrer.’ (A sort of pun on the words for ‘book’ and ‘to get drunk’. The feeling is ‘getting drunk on a book’). Whereas he thinks it’s ugly and feels derogatory, I feel that ‘Je m’enlivre’ evokes how I sometimes feel after I’ve read a good book, a great feeling. ‘Lire’ doesn’t transmit that feeling. But then, I’m not a native francophone so maybe I don’t feel it ‘right.’ But then, isn’t that part of what makes a living language alive?


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