New word: Europhobes

Ta Da!
New Feature of Back Bay Français: Language Tip of the Month!

Two new French words have sprung from the recent victory of the Front National (far right) in the election for the European Parlement: “europhobes” et “eurosceptiques.” It seems that the FN is both of these adjectives, which makes sense. Will they want to exit the European Union now that they have the French majority in the European Parlement? Other parties are also not eager to continue in the EU but Marine Le Pen, party leader, announced that hers is “le seul véritable groupe eursceptique” that will lead in this direction.
Related Language Tip : I’ve noticed that when the French abbreviate words or coin new contraction words, they tend to end the word or the stem in “o” – just as in these two words. Some other good ones: le labo (lab), le phallocrate (sexist), un ado (adolescent), un apéro (apéritif), un dico (dictionary), les sciences po (sciences politiques). “Il est accro” means ‘He’s a drug addict.’ (accro <accro – hung up).
Can anyone add more examples?

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