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A Rumor of Valérie’s violent reaction to Hollande’s dumping

Did she really break those dishes in a tantrum? If the dishes belonged to the Elysée Palace, maybe the French really should care how Hollande conducts himself. Her conduct isn’t irreproachable either, of course, but she had already intruded on … Continue reading

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The nerve !

So, Hollande broke up with Trierweiler publicly now, making it clear the decision was not ‘d’un commun accord.’ What an arrogant, weak cad! Are the French really not going to think less of him? She’s off to India but, when … Continue reading

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Christopher Hitchens’ take on the DSK Scandal

Christopher Hitchens wrote an article on the topic for Slate on May 18, 2011. You can check it out on http://www.slate.com/id/2294965/. The following three extracts will give you an idea of it. Why is it that we cannot read any … Continue reading

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