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Synonyms for basics and for sex terms

That would be a good study: comparing the number of synonyms in various languages. Which synonyms were you thinking of? I would imagine that most synonyms would be express basic phenomena like “I’m hungry,” “I want…,” “I need,” and “I … Continue reading

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Christopher Hitchens’ take on the DSK Scandal

Christopher Hitchens wrote an article on the topic for Slate on May 18, 2011. You can check it out on http://www.slate.com/id/2294965/. The following three extracts will give you an idea of it. Why is it that we cannot read any … Continue reading

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Hein, BHL ?

Je suis si déçue par l’opinion de BHL sur DSK! Elle contredit tout ce que j’avais cru comprendre de ses opinions sur la démocratie américaine et notre système juridique. (Son commentaire original se trouve dans son Bloc-Notes et est traduit … Continue reading

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These two observations by American journalists get what I’m talking about: Wall Street Journal: “The French are legendary for nonchalance toward the sexual appetites of their politicians, and they sniffed at Americans who disapproved of Bill Clinton when he lied … Continue reading

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French on American Prime Time TV!

There were two beautiful comments in authentic French in the growing romance on Hawthorne. The handsome doctor is actually played by big French box-office actor, Michael Vartan. When he surprised Christina, played by Jada Pinkett Smith, with his French inner … Continue reading

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What Will the French Think of Us Now ?

The French think Americans are naive prudes because we disapprove of philandering politicians like Senator Hart (remember?) and ex-President Clinton. What must they think of us now?! http://www.lexpress.fr/actualite/monde/amerique/cowboy-nu-contre-milliardaire-a-new-york_776152.html

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