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2009’s Top New Words

‘Unfriend,’ ‘Twitter’ and ‘podcast’ are the top new words of 2009 according to the New Oxford American Dictionary and Global Language Monitor respectively. And guess what: the French Dictionary, Le Petit Larousse added those same three words! It published the … Continue reading

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French + English Word Exchanges

The theme of this weeks’ A.Word.A.Day is the exchange of English and French words that go from one country to the other, sometimes with modified meanings. He has a great quotation from ALICE IN WONDERLAND. Let’s see if Anu Garg … Continue reading

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Dictionaries approve new French words

Various French dictionaries are keeping up with changing French life by including some brand-new words. Should we learn them… or will the very fact that they’re now accepted make the rebellious French not use them anymore? The columnist suggests the … Continue reading

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words, words, words !

The Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication has announced a Semaine de la Langue Française starting March 14. Check out its whimsical website that lets us get to know and play with a number of fun French words.

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