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Adventures of living in France. Can we become bilingual? Part II

Stephanie C. has written us before and now adds some of her own French-learning adventures. When she took lessons from me, she was a single American, working in Boston. Now, she’s living in France, married to a French man and … Continue reading

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Adventures of living in France. Can we become bilingual? Part I

Learning – or slowly acquiring – a new language is a miracle. Some of us have been studying it in books and in life, by teaching language as well as studying one, and still don’t know how it “happens.” I … Continue reading

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2009’s Top New Words

‘Unfriend,’ ‘Twitter’ and ‘podcast’ are the top new words of 2009 according to the New Oxford American Dictionary and Global Language Monitor respectively. And guess what: the French Dictionary, Le Petit Larousse added those same three words! It published the … Continue reading

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French words that don’t exist in English

Wow, I just learned 2 new words on the French news. They could have been around for years, but I’d never heard them before. The anchor talked about this weekend (July 31-Aug. 2) being “le weekend le plus chargé de … Continue reading

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L’Anglais est atomique – le Français est moléculaire

My French friend, Eric, sent me a passionately irritated message about the evolution of the French language. He’s particularly upset by the young immigrants who don’t use the French we have all learned and who make up their own words. … Continue reading

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