What Will the French Think of Us Now ?

The French think Americans are naive prudes because we disapprove of philandering politicians like Senator Hart (remember?) and ex-President Clinton. What must they think of us now?!


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2 Responses to What Will the French Think of Us Now ?

  1. Constantin says:

    I agree that we should not be concerned with the love lives of politicians (unless they are harming others, like closeted Republicans with anti-gay positions). However, we can still be amused by the married South Carolina governor who had an affair with his Argentinian “soul-mate.”

    But if we are blase about The Nude Cowboy, how can the French think we are naive prudes?


    • Susan says:

      Are YOU blase about the Nude Cowboy? I’m not! I also think less of a politician who messes around on his wife. (More Clinton than the S. Carolina governor.) But what interests ME is the national cultural differences and I think this very blog exchange indicates that not all Americans think alike. The French THINK we do and I think Americans think the French do.


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