French on American Prime Time TV!

There were two beautiful comments in authentic French in the growing romance on Hawthorne. The handsome doctor is actually played by big French box-office actor, Michael Vartan.

When he surprised Christina, played by Jada Pinkett Smith, with his French inner thoughts, I went into my vigilant mode of trying to detect a non-French accent in a supposed French character. No way. This guy’s accent was legit. And when I checked the show’s credits, I saw the actor’s name and recognized it from French TV. (He also starred in Alias and other American shows since he’s bilingual and multi-national.)

In any case, Christina was also impressed by his French and ended her meeting with him by purring a seductive: “All that French? Yeah, you need to do more of that around here!”

I agree, imagine there will be more, and recommend you watch it to hear more delicious French.

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